The creatress
behind evokewomen

I am the creatress behind evokewomen. My great passion in life is cultivating a relationship to beauty as a means to inspire full presence in the present moment. 

I learned to sew on my grandmother’s old foot pedal sewing machine making dresses for my Barbie. From this first introduction as a young girl, I knew fashion would be my life.  I formally trained as a seamstress and fashion designer prior to spending my 20’s and 30’s in the fashion houses of Germany, Paris, and Hong Kong.  Traveling extensively in Asia to source fabrics and raw materials, I was influenced by the exotic esthetic of Asian culture.

I moved from Germany to Aspen, Colorado in 2006 and soon thereafter attended the world’s largest and most renowned arts festival - Burning Man. Lightning struck. I realized a more potent expression of my personal purpose. My life’s mission is to empower women through evoking presence, joy, excitement, and playfulness. I craft functional luxury accessories with sumptuous textures, brazen rawness, and sensory awakening sounds.

It is a pleasure and an honor to evoke the best in you.